A foreign national presented by the Congolese authorities as a Jordanian trainer of the rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) group was arrested on a dangerous road in Beni, in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we learned. Tuesday from government sources. “The army arrested a Jordanian on the Beni-Kasindi road. He was transferred to Kinshasa and was subjected today (Tuesday) to questioning by the military prosecutor, ”Patrick Muyaya, Congolese government spokesman, told AFP.  “This man was responsible for training ADF terrorists in handling drones,” he added.  According to another source, he had a residence permit from the Republic of Kosovo with him, which AFP was able to consult. This document indicates his age, 40 years, and mentions the nationality not Jordanian, but Saudi.  In May, an ex-hostage of the ADF had testified to an AFP team to have seen Caucasians handling drones in a clearing in a forest in the territory of Beni.  This arrest “would be the first clear indication that the Islamic State (IS) is providing its Congolese subsidiary with direct technical assistance to improve its capabilities,” Laren Poole, head of operations for the American organization Bridgeway, told AFP. Foundation.  Of the hundreds of armed groups active in the eastern region of the DRC, the ADF are accused of being responsible for the massacres of more than 6,000 civilians since 2013, according to a count by the Congolese episcopate. Originally, the ADF were Ugandan Muslim rebels. They are now presented by the jihadist organization EI as its branch in Central Africa.

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