Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed has concluded the press conference, stating that the Maldives Police Service would be sharing further details of the investigation as it progressed.

CP Hameed asserted strongly that the case was still a developing one, and that he would not be entertaining any speculation before the investigation concluded.

The Maldives Police Service have assured that they will be employing their full power behind investigating the attack on former president Mohamed Nasheed’s life. 450 Police officers are to be active as part of the operation across the Maldives.

ADK Hospital has revealed that Speaker Nasheed remains in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), after 16 hours of surgery.

The final, critical, life-saving procedure was carried out successfully on Friday afternoon.

The hospital revealed that Nasheed had life-saving surgeries conducted for injuries to his head, chest, limbs and abdomen over the past 16 hours.

ISIS reportedly claims responsibility for attack targeting Maldives Speaker of Parliament Nasheed.

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