Operation Barkhane over

In recent weeks, relations between Mali and France have been strained. After two successive coups, Colonel Assimi Goïta officially assumed the role of President of Mali and of the transition on Monday, June 7. A few days earlier, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, had decided to stop joint military operations in a territory where France is present to fight against jihadism. All this while an increasingly assertive desire to emancipate itself from the West is imperative in Mali.

And it’s not just in the streets that little music is heard. On the red carpets, too, you can feel the winds of change. There are the very coated diplomatic versions, like that of this former Malian minister who asks France to be more understanding with his country and its customs, in a spirit of “sharing” and “indulgence”. “It is the soldiers who made France, not the politicians. We can and we must trust our soldiers. Now, the soldiers must compose.”


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