Since around 8 a.m. this Sunday, heavy gunfire has been heard around Sékoutoureya, the presidential palace where the head of state, Alpha Condé is located. He is doing well and is under the protection of his presidential guard, according to our sources. ADVERTISING Young Africa reports that this coup attempt is being led by elements of the Special Forces Group (GPS), an elite army unit that is both well-trained and well-equipped. At its head, Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, a Malinké from the Kankan region. A former legionary of the French army, he was recalled to Guinea to take the head of this body created in 2018. In recent months, his desire to empower the GPS from the Ministry of Defense had aroused mistrust of the power of Conakry. In May, unfounded rumors of his possible arrest had even circulated in the Guinean capital. Mamady Doumbouya and the elements of the GPS are currently facing the soldiers of the presidential guard. This is not the first time that Alpha Condé has been confronted with an attempted putsch – in 2011 in particular, his home had been the target of an assault – but, this time, the quality of the putschists makes the situation “ serious ”, according to local sources.

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