About sixty armed men would have arrived on motorcycles last night in Bolle (12km NE of Kafolo) from the Alidougou region / they would have left after threatening the local FDS informants / The Kafolo Defense Forces would have surrendered in Bolle in the evening / no collision or shooting heard / A chopper flew over the area during the night.

# Ivory Coast: The incursion of jihadists in Bolé on 05/07/2021 would be a reaction of armed groups towards the population whose cooperation would have allowed the discovery on 05/03/2021 of an IED not exploded in the same locality. It would therefore be a form of warning from armed groups to the population not to collaborate with the SDF any longer. Such procedures have already been observed in Mali and Burkina Faso in recent years.

Source : Confidential source


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