Pirates operating off Libreville, Gabon, appear to have kidnapped a crewmember after boarding the offshore supply vessel Tampen.

Two seafarers have been injured in a pirate attack on an offshore support vessel in Gabon.

Maritime security companies reported that a platform supply vessel was boarded by three armed men at the Libreville anchorage on 5 September, 5 nautical miles (8 km) from shore.

Dryad Global reported that the vessel was boarded by three unknown armed men whilst it was anchored at the Libreville anchorage area.

Upon boarding it is understood that the crew engaged with the pirates in a bid to repel the attack. Two crew members are confirmed to have sustained injuries and are understood to be receiving treatment in hospital. At least one individual is understood to have sustained a gunshot wound, Dryad reported.

One member of the crew is understood to be missing at this time. The missing crew member is presumed to have been kidnapped.

If confirmed, this incident would be the second incident within Gabonese waters within 2021 and the first reported kidnapping within this timeframe, Dryad said. “Indeed, region-wide, this latest incident would be the first offshore kidnapping incident reported throughout the wider region since 31 May 2021. Kidnapping incidents region wide have undergone a significant downturn within 2021.

Source : https://www.defenceweb.co.za/

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