Due to the fact that the security and other makets have been invaded by low quality human resources , in Cerberus World Solution we are very strick on the CV’s that enter our data base . Only those that have their experience confirmed by our company make their way into our data base. Our clients deserve only the best therefore we take no chance in trusting a CV without checking the candidate credentials and background. Due to this process our clients benefit of only the best operators that the market could offer.

OVER 2000 CV's in our Data Base

Cerberus World Solution pride itself with a huge data base of Human Resources of over 97 nationalities with only the most reputed service and private background

Rigorous Selection Process

We need our clients to benefit of only the best Human Resources due to that fact our selection process for our clients projects is very rigorous and high standard

Cultural and Language diversity

Some projects require different nationalities with different language skills , our operators are highly qualifies not only in training but also possess a very developed linguistic set


Certain projects require certain language skill set but what if your operatos will not only be able to meet that criteria but in addition they will come with extra languages skill sets that not only will make our clients highly reputed on the market for the quality personnel but will also put their employers in a very high position due to this skills. We work with people from the French Foreign Legion , British Paratroopers, Ukrainian Special Forces , Brazilian Bope , Polish GROM and much more , not only highly qualified during their service that served in missions but on the private security market as well.

“Because the value of a solider dose not end with his service “

Cerberus World Solution
CEO and Founder Adrian Mircea Popa